When you invest in a giant rubber duck you have to know this will either be a really smart decision or a decision that will make you look really stupid. There’s no middle of the road. I’m glad it’s turned out to have been a smart decision.. What happened: Twins starter Ervin Santana, in control most of the game, gives up singles to Forsythe and Yasmani Grandal and a double to Utley as the Dodgers pull within 5 4 in the seventh. In the eighth, pitcher Taylor Rogers walks Turner and gives up a single to Enrique Hernandez and Forsythe hits a sacrifice fly to center to tie the score. In the ninth, Twins closer Brandon Kintzler gives up singles to Austin Barnes and Chris Taylor before Turner singles to left for the win..

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Approximately 40 minutes later, police reported all stolen items had been found at 21 Broughton. Suspect “Jay” was not there but his girlfriend was. Dispatch reported this was the same male from a previous incident, and he was wearing all white. Two thirds of states request some form of identification to vote. Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin are most strict about photo voter ID. In these states, if ID isn presented, the voter votes on a provisional ballot and must provide proof of ID shortly after.

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In 2011, I left the Keystone State for the Tar Heel State quickly becoming enthralled with college basketball and southern cooking. There really is something special about the South, yall! I continued my news reporting career at WFMY serving central North Carolina. During that time I covered the Democratic National Convention and Superstorm Sandy.

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Finish Line’s main competitor is Foot Locker (NYSE:FL), and it has had recent struggles of its own. Just earlier this month it issued a downside revision to its 1st quarter outlook. Foot Locker said that its USA stores suffered a big decline, which is the only market where Finish Line operates.

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