The tastes of South Tyrol

Client: IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige

Format: Documentary, Video Marketing Campaign

Length: 13 x 45 sec | 13 x 15 sec

Language: De, It, En

Service: Concept, Interview, Locationscouting, Translation, Subtitles, Drone, Social Media Formats

Location: Lechner Kraut, Frutty, Kellerei Meran, Lonzahof, Schornhof, Seibstock, Niederwieshof, Meraner Mühle, Hubenbauer, Köflerhof, Widum-Baumann, Fasui, Larcher Honigprodukte

With attention to detail and a sophisticated visual language, this film series portrays the farmers of South Tyrol who plough dedication and passion into producing top-quality products.