The Bolzano Bozen Experience

Client: Verkehrsamt der Stadt Bozen

Format: Imagefilm

Length: 5 min, 1 min

Language: En

Service: Concept, Casting, Locationscouting

Location: Kellerei Bozen, Schloss Runkelstein, Schloss Maretsch, MMM Firmian, Merkantilmuseum, Museion, Südtiroler Archäologiemuseums, Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, Buratti, Wirtshaus Vögele, Castel Hörtenberg, Hotel Città, NOI Techpark

This rapid, dynamic sequence of images creates an irresistibly mesmerising pull. The film floats over the rooftops of Bolzano and is shown in split screens to capture the variety of Bolzano, a city which offers both its citizens and guests meaningful experiences every month of the year.