Wir. Noi. Nos.

Client: Center for Autonomy Experience S├╝dtirol - Alto Adige

Format: Documentary

Length: 7 x 10 min | 1 x 1 min

Languages: De, It, En, Ru, Zh, Ar

Service: Concept, Casting, Locationscouting, Drone, Archive Footage, Animation, Original Music, Translation, Voice Talent

Location : S├╝dtiroler Landtag, Creative Space Ru.17, Rittner Seilbahn, Raiffeisenkasse Bozen, Wiesenhof Ritten, Eurac, Buschenschank Vinzig

Talents: Alexa Brunner, Marco Boriero, Viktoria Obermarzoner

This entertaining and informative short documentary brings together the history and the fundamental facets of autonomy of South Tyrol in a nutshell, and shares the message of peaceful cohabitation between linguistic groups in over 6 languages.