What’s the tale that only you can tell? What makes you and your project unique?

We develop a strategy encompassing the most effective means of conveying your strengths to the online world, and create a tailored concept which will give shape to your film.


Whether it’s aerial shots, lighting or documentary realism, we model our production entirely on your specific requests and needs. From finding the perfect location through to casting and technological requirements, our services cover every detail imaginable. We join you in your workplace and provide you with coaching to ensure that you are comfortable and effective in front of the camera and enjoy a fabulous on-set experience.


We supply editing services, sound design, musical research, colour corrections and versions in a variety of languages, all produced in house. If you wish, we can create engaging animated content and hire composers or voice professionals for you. Our cutting room is where the magic is born.


We create tailored solutions, from concept through to the final tweaks during the editing phases. You receive your completed film in all of the languages and formats you request, guaranteeing optimum presence on facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all other platforms. Because our work is done only when you are satisfied.


Ideally, the film is recorded over one day or several consecutive days and is cut in the following weeks. As a rule of the thumb, you will be able to view the first version cut around ten days after filming.

The initial preparations begin with an introductory meeting, preferably in person.

We then collate all the information and work together with you to set down a detailed scene strategy. After the scenes have taken firm shape in our minds, we plan the filming stages and define the time schedule.

No problem—we have you covered. During the preparation phases, we pencil in alternative dates so that we can postpone filming if the weather isn’t playing along. Even if there is an unexpected shower on the day of the shoot itself, we are fully prepared, and in a position to find creative solutions which will place you and your film in the spotlight.

With the first version of the edit—also known as a ‘rough cut,’ you will have a clear idea of the structure of the film, and will be able to make minor alterations before giving your final approval. We save the project in its entirety on our servers for five years, including all footage; during this time, we can reassemble the material and create new films for you at any moment.

The package includes two revision rounds. Editing hours for additional corrections requested will be calculated separately, and we will send you a quote for your approval prior to beginning.

The first revision allows you to integrate substantial modifications in both content and structure. In the second revision round, minor adjustments to the form and language are carried out in order to ensure that the final result is perfect in every way.